Thursday, 26 April 2012

Onaroo Personal Baby Assistant: A Review

The first product I would like to review for you is the Onaroo Personal Baby Assistant (PBA). I found this product while randomly searching on the website. It is supposed to be a handheld tracker for everything baby. When you have a premature child especially, doctors, therapists, etc. constantly ask you how much in quantity that the baby is consuming a day. Diaper changes, medicine, bottles, breast, and even sleep is tracked in this handheld device and uploaded online to their website Onaroo PBA. I was able to find it cheaper than Chapters on eBay, but shipping took at least two weeks. Obviously shipping is more of an issue with the seller than say Chapters.

When I first received this PBA, I was so happy and excited. I was finally able to track her bottle intake and play around with the settings. Then I was completely disappointed...the batteries (AA) wouldn't last more than a day. I would be scrambling to retrieve more batteries and angry when the computer wiped all the information away.

Overall in my experience only, the product has the right idea, especially for premature babies. However, the functions and battery life need to be looked at by the manufacturer. Also, a backup like a SD card would be helpful so I am not throwing the item across the room when it has completely erased Abigayle's information.

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