Thursday, 26 April 2012

Car Seats - OMG!

Oh yes car seats. I've only had four, but let me tell you! It has been one heck of an experience.

First of all - you get what you pay. We purchased a $100 travel system from Zellers and I think the brand was Cosco? Well poor premature Abigayle was 5lbs and a who lotta car seat! I had to stuff rolled blankets on each side because the bunting bags are actually in the process of being illegal. The car seat part had no way to loosen or tighten quickly and for a growing Abby, this was the most frustrating part.

We looked everywhere and found certain car seats that actually had a strap hanging down like this one:

What this strap means is that you can tighten and loosen as quick as that strap can be pulled or the button pressed. It was a snap to get her in and out and I recommend it to everyone.

The second process for us was the all-in-one car seats. We got a similar type with the same strap and it works wonderfully..just not in rear position. If you are in a rear position phase - it is best to get one of the removable car seats and travel systems as it will save you tons of time.

Graco is a well known name as is Safety First. We have had Graco Alano Flip-It and the Safety First Alpha Omega car seats. As Zellers is going out of business there is no point in telling you the name of our crappy car seat. Just remember this is your bundle of joy and you get what you pay for. Don't cheap out on safety if it is within your budget!

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